Sitting on their royal purple and gold thrones high in the realms of Mount Olympus, Zeus, supreme ruler of the gods and Apollo, god of the Sun decided to create a mortal being. This mortal being who was to be called Man must dwell on the Earth obeying the laws, principles and rituals taught by the gods. Upon following these rules of life Man would be transformed into a spirit like that of the immortal gods.
The first Man created by the gods was called Alpha, which is the Greek word for “first”. Since Alpha was the first Man (well, an almost Man) he had many imperfections that hindered his performance such as a lack of manhood, physical stamina, perseverance and form. Another fault with Alpha and his descendants was that they could not distinguish themselves from their counterparts because of their bright golden glow, which had weakened their eyesight causing them to make love with their own brothers.
Realizing their mistake Zeus and Apollo asked Poseidon, god of the Seas to assist in creating the Kappa Man since Alpha was found to be useless for reproduction. Kappa, which is the Greek word for “womanless” had more stamina and form than Alpha, but unfortunately Kappa had no woman to call his own. Only a wild Kappa Kitten was his to make love to. As a result, all offspring of Kappa developed a cat’ like hump in their back causing them to walk with the assistance of a cane for the rest of their existence.
In their last and final effort together the gods asked Diana, goddess of the Moon to help draft another form of Man. Noting the faults of Alpha and Kappa, Diana pointed out that there should be a more intimate contact between Man and his Woman, because of the necessity of strengthening the family unit. Sigma, which is the Greek word for “walking wheels,” was the first Man to establish a firm relationship with his woman Zeta. Physically, Sigma was a fine example of a perfect Man. However, Sigma could not function adequately on a mental level & was timid, making him useless in facing everyday trials and tribulations. Because Sigma forever wanted the easiest way out of hardships, Zeus placed a physical curse on him and removed his feet, which forced him to skate his way over the burning sands.
After realizing that Sigma was not good when it came to facing pressure and making god-like decisions the gods and goddess decided to cease their efforts and let OMEGA, god of Blood and Thunder create a Man. OMEGA, the last of the gods understood the imperfections of Alpha, Kappa, and Sigma and through hard work, perseverance and painstaking efforts, OMEGA created with the stroke of a lightening bolt and the nourishment of his own immortal Blood, the god-like structure of the OMEGA Man, which means “perfected at last”. Designed carefully with his character strongly influenced by the qualities of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift, OMEGA firmly took control of all resources in his earthly realms. He carefully taught his sons Que, Psi and Phi the secrets of their god-like strength, which lies in the meaning of their name, “Friendship is essential to the soul”.
From the extraordinary powers of his body, the most noble lord and master OMEGA was granted to have four wives to calm down his only fault—his nasty dog-like characteristics. Delta, a gift from Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, reminded Omega to search for the truth. She taught OMEGA to observe the structure of the Pyramids and notice how only two sides are revealed at one time, but the truth, a sincere search must be met. Essence, protected by Artemis, goddess of chastity assisted OMEGA in building, protecting, strengthening, and guiding the community to its ultimate goal taught by OMEGA. Pearl, daughter of Aphrodite, goddess of love, helped to stimulate all impulses that kept the OMEGA family together in social communion. And Quette, daughter of OMEGA and DeNeice, goddess of childbirth taught the sons the importance of their existence, along with being aware of the godly blood that flows through OMEGA.
After many years of direct contact with OMEGA and his family, Que ,Psi & Phi decided to leave in order to observe the real obedience of OMEGA. Cast into a sinful environment of sightless Alphas, wild Kappa Kittens, humped-back Kappa’s, timid and skating Sigma’s, Que, Psi & Phi consistently followed the ways taught by OMEGA, for they knew what their rewards would be. When there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt in their minds that OMEGA was surely “Master of the Greeks” they spoke to OMEGA and he gave them a special blessing. Let him with wisdom and the Blood of OMEGA understand these words. “Since I am satisfied with the performance of my creation, I shall bless you, Sons of Blood & Thunder and your offspring with an immortal soul. During your life on Earth you will face many trials and tribulations. But hold fast and persevere, for I will uplift you before you fall. Live Manhood, because in essence OMEGA you are the only Man. Therefore, it is you who must set the proper example to follow. Remember, the laws, principles and rituals I have given you. However, never utter a word of them to any “mortal being”. And I will place a mark on your arm, on your chest and in your heart to let you know that “I am your Father and you are my son. For the Sons of Blood and Thunder shall never die.”
And to this very day the Spirit of OMEGA lives on….