Impress your LBs and friends with your own unique email addressthrough Check and send email using the Industrystandard Gmail interface. Your email can also be forwarded you yourexisting yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. account.

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These mailboxes/forwards are for members of theOmega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. If that does not apply to you keepit moving. If you apply for one under false pretenses, your emailmailbox will be revoked, your IP address will be banned from thiswebsite, and your personally identifiable information will bedistributed amongst the brothers nationwide. (And I might justupload a virus to your computer to erase your hard drive).
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+ Email Forwarding is only an email forwarding service, not anemail account. The main difference between Email Forwarding andyour email account is that Email Forwarding does not come withstorage space for email. Email Forwarding works with your emailaccount by forwarding email sent to your address to theemail account(s) that you have specified as your forwardingaddress(es).