• Dr. Ernest Everett Just -Internationally known biologist and professor at HowardUniversity
  • Major General Charles Bolden -Astronaut, graduate of the United States Naval Academy(pilot)
  • Dr. Charles Drew – Perfected theuse of blood plasma; Professor of Surgery at HowardUniversity
  • Dr. Fred Drew Gregory -Astronaut, graduate of the United States Air Force Academy(pilot)
  • Dr. Percy Julian – Discoveredthe use of foam to extinguish fires and discovered a method ofproducing cortisone synthetically. During his lifetime, he receivedmore than 130 chemical patents. 1st Black chemist inducted into theNational Academy of Sciences.
  • Dr. Ronald E. McNair -Astronaut, graduate of M.I.T., Ph.D. in Physics(civilian)
  • Dr. Hildrus Pointdexter -Bacteriologist who studied the epidemiology of tropicaldiseases.
  • William “Count” Basie – Internationally knownpianist, composer, arranger, and band leader
  • Sterling Brown – Teacher, poet, writer,Professor Emeritus of Literature at Howard University, has aspecial foundation for folk culture and jazz music
  • William H. “Bill” Cosby – Comedian, author,actor, producer
  • Steve Harvey – Comedian and actor
  • Roland Hayes – Internationally known tenor ofthe 1920s. Hayes sang in five different languages
  • Langston Hughes – The Black Poet Laureate,excelled as a poet, playwright, novelist, lyricis and humorist
  • Tom Joyner – Radio show host
  • Rickey Smiley – Comedian and actor
  • Joe Torry – Comedian and actor
  • Jerry Ball – 3 time Pro Bowler and former NFLdefensive lineman.
  • Joe Black – An all-time great Brooklyn Dodgerbaseball pitcher. In 1952, he had the lowest earned-run average inthe Major Leagues. First Black to win a World Series game.
  • Vince Carter – 8-time All-Star. 2-time All-NBAguard for the New Jersey Nets. 1999 NBA Rookie of the Year.
  • Mark Duper – 3 time Pro Bowler and 2-timeAll-Pro former wide receiver with Miami Dolphins
  • Clarence E. “Big House” Gaines – Hall of FameBasketball coach. Coached at Winston-Salem State University from1946 – 1993. Also, 4-year All-CIAA lineman in football.
  • Dr. Edwin Bancroft (E.B.) Henderson – Captainand outstanding player on the Washington 12th Streeters(1906-1910). He is known as the “Father of Black Sport History”.First Black male to become certified to teach Physical Education inpublic schools.
  • William DeHart Hubbart – A University ofMichigan sprinter; was the first Black athlete to win a Gold medalfor the United States (1924). His winning long jump in the Parisgames was 24′ 5″.
  • Keith Jackson – 5 time Pro Bowler and 5 timeAll Pro former NFL Tight end. He was inducted to the CollegeFootball Hall of Fame in 2001.
  • Ed “Too Tall” Jones – Overall 1st pick of 1974NFL Draft. Outstanding former player with the Dallas Cowboysfootball team
  • Michael “His Airness” Jordan – Outstandingformer professional basketball player with the Chicago Bulls andWashington Wizards of the NBA. His accolades and accomplishmentsinclude 5 NBA MVPs, 10 All-NBA first teams, 14 NBA All-starappearances, and 6 NBA Final MVPs.
  • Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell – Outstandingformer professional basketball player with the Boston Celtics andother teams. 1981 NBA Finals MVP
  • Steve “Air” McNair – Outstanding NFL playerwith the Baltimore Ravens
  • Shaquille O’Neal – Star center with theOrlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat is a 14 time NBAAll-star. He is 3 time NBA Final MVP and 2000 NBA MVP.
  • Brice Taylor – University of SouthernCalifornia football legend. Guard on mid 1920’s team. Schools firstAll-American.
  • Terrence Trammell – 2-time (2000, 2004)Olympic silver medalist in 110m hurdles
  • Charlie Ward – 1993 Heisman Trophy winner andformer NBA guard with the NY Knicks.
  • Clifford L. Alexander, Jr. – Secretary,Department of the Army
  • James E. “Jim” Clyburn – The House MajorityWhip in the 110th Congress. (2nd Black to hold that position).
  • William Hastie – First Governor of the U.S.Virgin Islands
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson – Founder of both entitiesthat merged to form Rainbow/PUSH. Candidate for the United StatesPresidency in 1984 and 1988. Served as “Shadow Senator” for DC from1991 to 1997.
  • Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. – 2001 Springarn Medalrecipient. Executive Director of United Negro College Fund and aformer president of the National Urban League. He also served as aclose adviser to President Bill Clinton
  • Clarence Lightner – 1st Black Mayor ofRaleigh, NC
  • Dr. David Satcher – 16th Surgeon General ofthe United States. He also held the posts of the Director of theCDC and the Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances andDisease Registry from 1993 to 1998.
  • Walter E. Washington – 1st Home-Rule mayor ofthe District of Columbia. Former Executive Director of the NationalCapital Housing Authority.
  • George L.P. Weaver – Former U.S. Secretary ofLabor
  • Robert C. Weaver – First African American toserve on the Presidential Cabinet when he became Secretary ofHousing and Urban Development in 1966 under President Lyndon B.Johnson
  • Togo D. West, Jr. – 3rd US Secretary ofVeterans Affairs. Also served as US Secretary of the Army.Currently, the President of the National Capital Area Council ofthe Boy Scouts of America.
  • Lawrence Douglas Wilder – 1st Black to beelected as a governor. He served as Governor of the Commonwealth ofVirginia from 1990 to 1994. He is currently the mayor of Richmond,Virginia. He also received the Bronze Star for his military heroicsin the Korean War.
Civil Rights
  • Wiley Branton – Attorney of the “Little RockNine” and former Dean of Howard University School of Law
  • Oliver Hill – Civil Rights attorney whose workagainst racial discrimination helped end the doctrine of “separatebut equal”. 1999 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient.
  • Benjamin Hooks – Succeeded Roy Wilkins asExecutive Director of the NAACP, the most effective of all civilrights organizations
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson – Former Director ofOperation PUSH; Founder, Rainbow Coalition
  • James Nabrit – Former Dean of HowardUniversity Law School and former president of Howard University. Aleader in the training of the early Civil Rights lawyers
  • Grant Reynolds – Played a major role inPresident Truman’s 1948 decision to desegregate the United StatesArmed Forces
  • Roy Wilkins – Long-time Executive Director ofthe NAACP
  • Herman Dreer – Teacher, minister, writer, andauthor of The History of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.,1911-1961
  • Benjamin E. Mays – President Emeritus ofMorehouse College, writer and lecturer. Mentor to Dr. Martin L.King, Jr.
  • Dr. Carter G. Woodson – The earliest and mostoutspoken proponent for the study of Black History.