F.A.Q. – Frequently AskedQuestions

Q. What is a fraternity?
A. A fraternity is an organization of men bound together byfriendship, knowledge, brotherhood, common goals and aspirations.Omega Psi Phi is a unique group of men that encourage highstandards; community service and assist in the building ofcharacter and leadership development among men. Members of Omegashare a common foundation comradeship that last a lifetime.

Q. What are the advantages of joining Omega Psi Phi?
A. Omega Psi Phi does not seek members; quality men seek Omega PsiPhi. A man who successfully completes the membership selectionprocess will immediately have access to a brotherhood of men whoshare similar ideals and aspirations. Those who seek admission willlearn the history of the fraternity from a historical perspective,written test and personal accounts.

Successful applicants will have a strong presence at the college,university or graduate chapter where they gain admission, but hewill also become a part of an international organization knownworldwide.

Omega Psi Phi has more than 700 chapters with members engaged invarious academic disciplines and professional endeavors.

Q. What is the policy on hazing?
A. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity does not condone hazing in anyform.

The organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC)are committed to nurturing the ideals of fraternalism andsisterhood in an atmosphere of responsibility and respect. We arealso committed to upholding the dignity and self-respect of allpersons seeking membership therein. Hazing is contrary to thiscommitment and is prohibited by the rules of each NPHCorganization.

In 1990, the member organizations of the NPHC jointly agreed todisband pledging as a form of admission. At the dawn of a newmillennium, we the members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council dohereby reaffirm our unequivocal opposition to hazing and those whoseek to perpetuate it.

Q. Do you have to pay to become a member of Omega Psi Phi?
A. There is an application fee for men who seek consideration formembership. The dues are applied to local, district and nationaloperating expenses. A portion of the collected dues are allocatedfor community service, social functions and nationally mandatedprojects.

Q. How much time is required?
A. Chapter members typically attend monthly meetings andparticipate in committee assignments. Beyond these obligations thetime commitment that one chooses to invest in the organization isat their own discretion. The majority of members enjoy thecomradeship and they are eager to participate in chapter functions,fellowship with the brotherhood and become officers and acceptcommittee assignments.

Clearly, members will get out the fraternal association as much asthey invest.

Q. I’m interested in becoming an Omega Man, how do I go aboutjoining?
A. The first thing an interested man should do who seeks admissioninto Omega is to get acquainted with the men who are alreadymembers of Omega Psi Phi.

A candidate should inquire to an active member how the fraternityhas served them, and also, how the active member has served Omega.Successful candidates should possess the principles of Manhood,Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. Community service should bean important element of the resume and the successful candidatemust be able to obtain a character reference from an active memberof Omega Psi Phi to sponsor the applicant’s request formembership.

Undergraduate candidates must also meet academics standards set bythe International organization and the academic institution wherethey are enrolled.